FEED ME A STRAY CAT (goldninja) wrote in bookmunchies,

running with scissors, by augusten burroughs

ok - i really don't have much of a weekend life.  in two days, i've just mowed through augusten burroughs' running with scissors.

i didn't even know that this had already come out in theaters and is pretty much available on dvd already - but i did know that i wanted to read this book prior to seeing the movie, because that's how much of a book snob i can be.

overall, the book was good - entertaining, and most certainly lol material at times.  most of the time, the situations presented in the book are so off the wall or over the top, that i've had to mouth out the words, wtf.  definitely a book for mature readers, despite the immature nature of the stories, but lots of dirty things.  why i mention this on this forum is beyond me, given the audience, but i figure i'd throw that out there, and besides it makes this review look a lot more wordy.

all else i can say that is upon reading this book, i'd give it a solid four turds out of five turds, drying out on the picnic table.  hopefully, anyone who's already read this book will get this reference, and not just believe that i'm some weirdo, despite the fact that i can't exactly argue that either.

now i would like to go see the movie now.
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