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Comic book reccomendations

In my recent burnout with the big companies and their need for mega crossovers which just induce headaches literally and financially, I decided I wanted to focus on what I like about comics instead of negative thoughts. So since I know there's a few people reading this who enjoy 'em as well, I was wondering which comic stories you really liked and would reccommend to just about anyone; say about 10 or so. If I or others can learn about something new to read, it'll be worth it.

Promise to do another book review next time I post here.

Anyways, my own faves:

The Nam
Phoenix (Hi No Tori)
The Authority: Relentless
Midnight Nation
The Watchmen
Astro City: Confession
Iron Man: The Armor Wars
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman: Child of Dreams
Justice (this one's still in progress, but it's almost over and I've yet to find much I don't like.)
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