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Comic book reccomendations

In my recent burnout with the big companies and their need for mega crossovers which just induce headaches literally and financially, I decided I wanted to focus on what I like about comics instead of negative thoughts. So since I know there's a few people reading this who enjoy 'em as well, I was wondering which comic stories you really liked and would reccommend to just about anyone; say about 10 or so. If I or others can learn about something new to read, it'll be worth it.

Promise to do another book review next time I post here.

Anyways, my own faves:

The Nam
Phoenix (Hi No Tori)
The Authority: Relentless
Midnight Nation
The Watchmen
Astro City: Confession
Iron Man: The Armor Wars
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman: Child of Dreams
Justice (this one's still in progress, but it's almost over and I've yet to find much I don't like.)
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crossovers, if done well, can be entertaining. unfortunately, the "done well" part is what seems to be left out of the equasion more often than not.

but, without any jest, in all seriousness, one of the most entertaining comic-crossover(ish) comic sagas i've read, and purchased recently...

marvel zombies

seriously - i just wanted to be entertained, and have a good way to kill 20 minutes. this did it perfectly. obviously i read books more than i do comics, and i have fallen way out of the loop; ironically, it was the atomic bomb of crossovers that really catapulted me over the shark in my attitude towards comics, and naturally i am referring to the marvel onslaught saga; but marvel zombies made me laugh, wince, and reminisce about a lot of the characters and learn the changes in the universe since i had last checked in.

and it dealt with zombies, which i think are awesome to kill.

respeck 2 magneto.