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The Devil Wears Prada comparison

I meant to post this ages ago, but it kept slipping my mind.

Quick rundown: Small town girl (Andy) and her bf move to the big city. She gets a job as the assistant to Miranda at Runway Magazine (a job millions of girls would die for). Add in angst, a massive (free) top fashion make-over, and relationship stress. Shake vigorously until Andy realizes that friends are more important then being untrue to yourself. The End.

I read the novel after it had been out for a few months. I liked the character design, and the appearance that the author knew something about the fashion industry. However, I honestly felt that Andy (the main chara) really wasn't suffering enough. Miranda wasn't THAT bad. I mean, yes she asked for weird things and had odd demands, but everyone in the book pretty much knew what she wanted and when. She was no different from any high-powered boss. They equated 'confident' with 'bitchy'. I guess it was supposed to be a psychological thing that didn't really appear when I read it. Perhaps other people got it. It wasn't worth a re-read for me.

Fast forward to last month. I finally broke down and rented the movie. It was a relatively decent copy of the book. Most of the elements I wanted to see were there. They did an excellent job of casting, and everyone looked as they should if they were working in fashion.

Overall I liked the movie better than the book. Sacrilege I know, but it's true. I suppose that since it dealt with a very visual field it worked better as a movie. However, I preferred the ending of the novel. Instead of just walking away Andy tells Miranda 'F*#$ you!' and THEN leaves. She goes off and write up-beat articles for magazines that promote women of all shapes and sizes. There's a specific bit where she meets an editor for Teen Self (I think) and she's heavy set, easy going, and very cheerful. It's a much better ending.
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