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citizen girl, by emma mclaughlin and nicola kraus

being the jock-ish type of male that i am, i like to rate my books like baseball pitching performances. wins, losses and no-decisions. really, there is a logical (at least to me) basis behind it - a book would be considered a win, if when i finish it, i can find at least several redeeming qualities about it. there are often certain degrees of wins too, like if a book is so good, that it qualifies as a no-hitter. some start off slow, but manage to pull through within the alloted amount of time, and hold on for the win ratings.

a no-decision is when i read a book, finish it, but when the day is over, i really don't have anything to say about it. it's not bad, but it's not good enough for me to give it any real decision.

a loss, would be what i gave up on today. citizen girl, by emma mclaughlin and nicola kraus. jock or not, i still try to be open-minded about what i read, even if it means blatantly diving into some chick-lit. i actually read a chick-lit novel last year that i enjoyed, (can you keep a secret, by sophie kinsella) unfortunately, this was not the case. i was originally interested in the book because of 1.) cover art - interesting enough for my visual appeal, and 2.) there were characters in the book legitimately named "girl" and "guy". the synopsis seemed interesting enough to me, a 24-year old unsatisfied with their stance in life searching for something better - sounds like something i could relate to.

perhaps its because the story is written by two authors, but it felt like the story was taking twice the time to actually get to the point of anything. out of 306 pages, i read 125, hoping for something remotely interesting to happen, and not be so predictable. girl blows up at her current job and gets fired. struggles and acts like her life will end if she doesn't get a new job, but somehow manages to find what she thinks is her dream job working for a feminist-supportive company. loves it at first but the story is obviously steering towards a "twist" of the male CEOs and upper-crust going to be typical chauvinistic men while she juggles self-belief, employment, and the quirky romance between her and a video game developer.

the book has been utter crap, really. i can't even imagine how women would enjoy this book. it's like "whine-whine-whine, i'm moving, but i have a kickass job, WHOA potential sex out of nowhere with a guy character the protagonist hated 20 pages ago" not to dis on the chick-lit genre, being a guy and all, but this book sucked. it gets a big fat loss on my big manly scale of book ratings, and despite the fact that i paid like $4.99 at barnes and noble, i want my money back.
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