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hell's half acre by will christopher baer

y'all still reading? so am i.

although with the baseball season in full swing, and my own more recent travels, reading has slowed down a little bit, and what i have read lately hasn't been all that great. until now, that is.

hell's half acre, by will christopher baer - this is the third and supposed final chapter of the "phineas poe" trilogy, and i've thus far read all three just this year alone now. i am fascinated with stories that can really only be described best as "trainwrecks," and this one does not fail to disappoint me.

unfortunately, i can't say much unless there are others who have read the prior two novels, kiss me judas, and penny dreadful. there are several references in hell's half acre that would require the reader to have at least met the characters from prior books.

but regardless, this book is a total trainwreck, very much for the older reader as it does contain plenty of violence, some gore, and sexual situations. baer does a very good job, about as good as palahniuk when it comes to description of a human being sinking further and further into pain and desperation. even more surprising was the ending to it all, and the overall satisfaction i felt when reading this book.

355 pages that didn't really feel like 355 pages, as i finished it in three sittings. i give it four severed politician limbs out of five.
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