FEED ME A STRAY CAT (goldninja) wrote in bookmunchies,

lisey's story, by stephen king COMPLETED

i would've finished this sooner had i not gone to las vegas last weekend, but it is irrelevant.

page 476 out of 509 pages - the first and only boston red sox reference was made - i thought that perhaps this book could make it through without one, but who am i kidding - it's stephen king.  also another odd occurrence in the book was a named reference to kurt vonnegut's ideas from slaughterhouse five - i've never once remembered king ever referring to another author in his works before.

overall, i enjoyed the book.  i can't say it was any better than desperation or even cell for that matter, but i can't help but wonder, what makes stephen king's books appealing to me.  perhaps it's the violence/gore, or the occasional "romance budding from tragedy".  if it's the imaginative risks he takes his plots into, i might have to agree with that one, because lisey's story does not hesitate to jump into the imaginative worlds, quite literally.

as a whole, if you can endure the first 100 pages of the build-up, the book does manage to keep you entertained and your attention kept.  if i had to rate it, i'd give it 3.5 pickaxes out of five.
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pretty much all king books are like that - with the two exceptions for me being cell and desperation, which is why those are two of my favorites.

and then you have stuff like needful things which is like a bajillion pages, so things don't really start getting interesting until like the first 300 pages.