FEED ME A STRAY CAT (goldninja) wrote in bookmunchies,

maybe a miracle, by brian strause

this is, so far, the best book i've read this year, and quite possibly one of my favorites... top ten worthy.

maybe a miracle, by brian strause is a heart-warming story about a young man named monroe anderson, whose life is taken way off course when his sister is found face-first in the swimming pool which puts her in a coma.  the story deals with how his family copes with the situation, alcoholism, religious fanaticism, family bonds, and baseball.

it was like a book meant for people like me who can feel like they've been in the shoes of the main character.  growing up, coming of age, confusion, the book does a good job of punching the reader in the stomach several times throughout the book, before towards the end, paying off.

as it stands, this is my top book of the year, whether or not it will hold its position throughout the year is yet to be determined.  but if anything at all, i enjoyed this book so much, i'm inclined to share two brief excerpts from the book:

Spell dog backward and it's a lot closer to God than Annika. But I don't say that. I also don't say that a dog can stay at home alone, knows how to ask to go out, and can catch a ball - all things that are well beyond my sister's current abilities, but I don't say that either. I never get credit for the things I don't say. I just say, "I'm sorry. You're right."


We float naked in the pool.

She says, "I can't believe this is me," and laughs. I could say the same thing, but I don't.

She wonders, "So, Monroe, you do this with all the girls who come to visit Annika?"

It would have been impossible not to say, "You're the first pretty one to show up."

She says I'm sweet, as if I've just told a lie. Then she kisses me.

I did mention that I've never slept with a girl before? Not Emily. Not a hooker. Not even Suzy James - and everyone around here sleeps with her. Which is all to say, I'm not exactly experienced  with this kind of thing. Yet here I am with a naked girl in my arms and I know practically nothing about her, other than that she says she's dying and she believes touching my sister will somehow change that. Oh yeah, and she's Canadian.

I think I like Canadians.


this isn't really a book that should be read by anyone who takes religion seriously, is the only thing i would warn people about.
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