FEED ME A STRAY CAT (goldninja) wrote in bookmunchies,

monster, by frank peretti

i read a lot of books by popular authors, and most of the time, the books are good because the authors obviously have a formula for writing that just clicks with the type of reader who gets their style. but on that same token, if i want to be able to accomplish my goal of 40 books on the year, bret easton ellis, chuck palahniuk and other authors i favor, can't publish enough books fast enough for me to do that. so on that note, i often give chances to random books that i acquire based on the synopsis on the back/sleeve, that's usually found at b&n/borders's discount racks. just 'cuz they're on the cheap rack doesn't mean that at one point, the book might actually have been something good.

this was one of them.

monster by frank peretti is basically a story of a man and his wife who go on a survival expedition (camping) trip in the woods of the north idaho/canada border region. they are supposed to meet up with this experienced survival guide in a cabin in the middle of the woods; upon arrival, the place is in shambles, and they just assume it was a bear. as they camp for the night, expecting the guide to return the following day from a presumed supply-run, they are waken by the sounds of creatures in the woods. long story short - attempting to flee, the man's wife is abducted, and a wild goose chase begins with local authorities, questioning the man's sanity, superstition, science and credibility. all while the wife attempts to survive in the wild.

i picked it up as a throw-away book, but ended up enjoying it immensely, and found myself unable to put it down - i started it this past saturday morning. it's nothing too complex, nothing too thought-provoking, but an easy-to-read, enjoyable book for those into some bit of outdoorsy mystery.

i give it a 3.5 mysteriously slain hunters out of five, and in terms of getting what i paid for, $4.99 for a decent read is well worth it.

some random questions for the well-read: anyone else notice the decline of the synopsis being included on the backs of paperbacks in favor of small-press accolades and newspaper quotations of praise? anyone actually care about what kinds of accolades the book has received when you pick it up? and finally, it seems like everything i pick up at a book store was once a new york times best seller; if every author is a so-called best-seller, what makes any book stand out at all?
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