FEED ME A STRAY CAT (goldninja) wrote in bookmunchies,

penny dreadful, by will christopher baer

i've not made any point in hiding it, but i have some rather interesting (read: disturbing) tastes in literature. my favorite authors are guys like chuck palahniuk and bret easton ellis. very scattered reading, with usually involving one or more elements: killing, sex, drug abuse, or violence. protagonist is usually a very f-ed up individual, and stands a good chance of dying.

anyway i don't know where i'm going with this, because it's late, but the latest book that i completed was penny dreadful by will christopher baer. the author comes recommended from chuck palahniuk's website itself, and earlier this year i read the first novel of the "phineas poe" trilogy, which was a trainwreck of a delightful book.

penny dreadful is especially interesting for anyone who is into or has participated in some sort of live role-playing or, try not to laugh, LARPing. the second in the "poe" trilogy has the main character, phineas poe returning to denver where the everyone who he had been associated with has seemingly caught up in an extreme LARP gone wrong - whether they know they are a part of it or not. everyone seems to have an alter-ego to counteract their "daytime" selves, and the lines begin to blur to which one is real.

like most books i tend to enjoy, this one is also a complete train wreck, and involves lots of violence and adult situations. being a super nerd that i am, i also felt like i was able to relate with certain parts of the book better and seem to understand them more comprehensibly than others might.

anyway, if strange and weird is your cup of tea, i would recommend this book. i give it a solid five out of five Freds who are hunted by Mariners who are really video store clerks during the daytime. it really was able to suck me in without trying that hard, before i had even realize that it had done so. now that's good literature.
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