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clown girl, by monica drake

it took me a little while, but the latest book i've completed was clown girl, by monica drake.

the synopsis is a little bit of a self-contained train wreck.  nita is a clown living the life of a starving artist.  she is working to make money for her boyfriend abroad, who hopes to make it into clown school for a chance at the big stardom.  emotionally vulnerable, and seemingly a magnet for disaster, she and her so-called partners take attempts to do less chintzy clown gigs, and move towards corporate parties, and private affairs.  the line between clowning and prostitution seems to get blurred in this interesting and first-person perspective story.

an interesting feature is the foreword by chuck palahniuk, who is probably my favorite author.  he compares himself to drake, and briefly mentions their friendly rivalry when both were aspiring story writers in workshops and classes.  personally, i think palahniuk's style is more appealing to me, and he seems to provoke more thought. drake does indeed to do an excellent job of getting to really know a character throughout a story, though.

i would give clown girl a solid 3.5 orange plastic jugs filled with urine with yuck faces drawn on them out of five.  the book made me laugh a few times, so i can say it accomplished that much.

palahniuk's new book comes out in like a week - i can't wait to get it.
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Thank you so much for giving my novel a shot. I'm glad it gave you a few laughs.
With all appreciation for the time you took to offer a few words in response,